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SPY Guide: The 7 Wildest Products We Spotted This Year

Weirdest SPY Products of 2016

When you specialize in curating what’s new, best and unique in the online marketplace, you come across some pretty crazy innovations. Check out SPY’s guide to the wildest products 2016 had to offer – and see why we pegged them as “must buys.”

Darkfin Black OPS HD Fingerless Workout Gloves

Darkfin Black OPS HD Fingerless Workout Gloves Don’t let the odd appearance fool you. These durable gloves offer a firm grip, and are perfect for intense workouts like CrossFit and rope training.

Neutrogena Light Therapy Acne Mask

Neutrogena Light Therapy Acne Mask Who knew intense light could cure acne? Beauty Inc., apparently. Our sister publication called it the “Mass Launch of the Year.”

Fit Gym Ball Chair

Fit Gym Ball Chair More shocking than getting a clear complexion from lights is our discovery that you can get fit while literally sitting on your behind.

SneakyBooks Recycled Book Safe

SneakyBooks Recycled Book Safe Books are for more than reading. You can burn them at a protest or use them to stash your hooch. This one is for classy drinkers.

Pet Gear No-Zip Pet Stroller

Pet Gear No-Zip Pet Stroller They say we often treat our pets as children, so why shouldn’t our four-legged friends ride in comfort too? This pet stroller doubles as a handy cart for when you’re running errands with the pooch.

SoundSticks Wireless Speaker System

SoundSticks Wireless Bluetooth Enabled 2.1 Speaker System So futuristic that it doesn’t even look like a speaker, this modern sound system brings chic style to your listening experience.

Transparent Bubble Tent

Transparent Bubble Tent Camping in this tent sounds like a blast. First, it’s roomy. Second, you get to see the stars and nature while you snuggle in the moonlight.

If you buy something because we told you about it, we may receive compensation from retail partners.

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