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Enjoy Home-Grown Herbs with the Click & Grow Indoor Smart Herb Garden *No Green Thumb Required*

Easy Hydroponic Gardening with Click &
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Ever dreamed of having your very own fresh herb garden but don’t have the space or the green thumb to achieve it? Presenting the Click & Grow Indoor Smart Herb Garden, a miniature-sized, self-contained herb garden that makes growing herbs, fruits or flowers at home effortless.

The indoor kit provides everything you need, including 3 ready-to-grow herb capsules. The company is so confident in its hydroponic system that it guarantees growth of your chosen herbs. It’s as simple as inserting a capsule, plugging the garden in and ensuring the water tank remains full. Simply sit back and let the specially designed soil, in-built LED, and built-in sensors get to work growing your delicious herbs.


The Click & Grow Indoor Smart Herb Garden is also capable of growing your herbs year round, meaning you’ll never be without your favorite flavors.

After initiating the growing process, you should see sprouts within 1-2 weeks, a full size plant within 2 months and a further 2-3 months of plants ready for continual harvest. After the life cycle is complete, simply replace the expired capsule and continue to grow. The Smart Herb Garden is 100% reusable, and there are wide range of additional Smart Herb capsules available, including Lemon Balm, Thyme, Mini Tomato and Chili Pepper.

For additional tips and tricks for using the herb garden, you can download the Click & Grow app. It’s never been easier to produce your own herbs and fruits!

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