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Want the Perfect Gift for Outdoor Lovers? Get This Lodge Cast Iron Dutch Oven While It’s Hot

Lodge 5-Quart Deep Dutch Oven

Outdoor lovers are always looking for the newest gadgets to cook with, but the truth is, despite the fancy coatings and add-ons, they’ll all wear out far quicker than a good, old fashioned, cast iron Dutch oven.

We like this Lodge Five-Quart Deep Cast Iron Dutch Oven. Take it camping to cook for a crowd, to a tailgate to serve up hot chili on a cold day, or to the beach for a clambake. The 10″ diameter makes it easy to store and handle, especially when full of roasts, chili, stew or cobbler for dessert. The convenient legs make it easy to keep stable on uneven surfaces (like over a campfire) for a consistent, even cooking job.

There’s a reason why top chefs like Emeril Lagasse choose cast iron over other cookware – it’s known to bring out excellent quality to the flavor of foods and will last many decades despite taking abuse. While cast iron takes longer to heat up than a copper pan, it holds heat better and cooks food more evenly and consistently. When properly greased, it acts much like non-stick Teflon cookware.

Our favorite part: if your outdoor enthusiast likes to set up camp with a large group, the Lodge Cast Iron Dutch Oven is easily stackable – the flanged lid can be used to hold coals, allowing you to heat an extra oven above it. More food for everyone.

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