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See The Stars While You Sleep Under Them: The Transparent Bubble Tent

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You’ll get the full experience of sleeping in nature when you go camping in the Transparent Bubble Tent. This tunnel-entry inflatable tent is totally clear, letting you see the clear night sky while you lay your head to rest.

It may look too fragile to take anywhere past the backyard, but this tent is actually built for rough weather. When set upon a wooden board, it can even withstand level 6 winds.

Set up is made easy, as the Bubble Tent comes with a a blower to inflate it. The blower has to remain running in order for the tent to stay up, but it operates at a low noise level. That way you can still hear the crickets while you cuddle up under the moonlight.

Since the Bubble Tent is essentially a big plastic bag, a lot of people worry about running low on oxygen. The blower actually circulates fresh air on a continuous basis. You won’t suffocate. In fact, you’ll thrive because the tent is big enough to fit an air conditioner, too.

Get the most of the great outdoors with the Transparent Bubble Tent. It gives you a 360-degree view of nature’s glory. You’ve never been camping like this.

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