Cool Kicks With an Even Cooler Message

The Immigration: Cool Kicks With an

There’s no doubt about it, sneaker culture has definitely gone from a subculture obsession to a mainstream must-have. And if a pair of shoes can combine comfort, style, and that certain something that gives them a cool edge, then you know it won’t be long before everyone is going to want them. Enter: The Immigration: Promised Land Sneaker.

Let’s start with comfortability. Common Ground, the designer behind these cool kicks, crafted a canvas upper area for a roomy, relaxed shape as well as durability. Plus, they’ve got highly flexible and responsive underfoot support—so you could walk all the way from the basketball court to the runway in these bad boys.

Next up, the style factor. Designed in Portland, these sneaks have a clean, yet edgy design that both men and women will want to rock. Titled “Immigration: Promised Land,” the artwork wasn’t just created to look cool though. It offers a message: one shoe features a path with no obstacles, every turn allowing you to move effortlessly through the maze to your final destination. On the other shoe, the path is impossible to complete, leaving a person to feel trapped. These differing approaches were paired to symbolize what’s holding back immigrants from the unimaginable potential they offer our economy and society. And that’s where the third part of the trifecta comes in—that certain something that adds a cool edge—and these Common Ground shoes definitely have it.

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