These Zanotti High-Tops Deserve a Spot on Your Gift List

snake print sneakers giuseppe zanotti

* Designed by legendary designer of luxury Italian footwear
* Coveted by celebrities, A-Listers and stylists

* Known for unique designs and impeccable craftsmanship

These Giuseppe Zanotti snake print high-top sneakers are really fierce. No surprise, really. That’s because these edgy high-tops spring from the fertile mind of legendary Italian footwear designer, Giuseppe Zanetti.

Zanotti has been blowing the minds of designer footwear lovers for decades now. You might even say he was destined to make shoes. He hails from San Mauro Pascal, an Italian town known for beautifully-crafted footwear. Zanotti launched his footwear designing at Fendi and Valentino, building a substantial following among celebrities, A-Listers and stylists. He leveraged that following into his own brand, which he launched in 1995. His trademark, then and now, is eye-catching silhouettes, artful (and sometimes unexpected details) and impeccable craftsmanship.

These snake-print sneakers are an instant urban icon, an object lesson in what he does best. Crafted in Italy, the leather upper is embossed with a cool snake pattern with lots of texture; they look remarkably true-to-life. The lining is also leather, for breathability and comfort.

What makes these Zanotti high-tops even more edgy? Triple zippers – two down the upper, one up the back, so you can leave ’em half zipped just to mix things up. Finishing things off, this sneaker has a grippy contrast sole, for sure footing and a really cool look.

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