These Classic Adidas Superstar Track Pants

Hop to Get These Hip adidas Superstar Track Pants in Velour

adidas track pants, long a staple on soccer pitches, have made their way into the fashion hall of fame for style-conscious men. With the addition of their Superstar velour track pants, adidas has kicked the athleisure wear trend up to new, cozy heights.

Hip hop artist A$AP Nast, who is routinely spotted wearing the classic look told Complex recently, “I wear them for comfort honestly. Sometimes you don’t want to go outside wearing denim or whatever, so you wear something comfortable. If the track pants are made for sport and performance, it’s extremely cozy, it looks really good, too, and I think that’s what people are starting to realize.”

Buy: adidas Velour Superstar Track Pant $80.00

adidas Superstar velour track pants rock a slim athletic fit with a pull-on elastic waist and adjustable exterior drawstring. The signature adidas track pants triple stripe down the side of the legs and embroidered trefoil logo on the left thigh lend classic cred all the way. Keep your keys and other valuables safe in the single zip back welt pocket, although the side seam pockets also have plenty of room to carry necessities.

Whether you’re in with the Cozy Boys or are just an average guy that wants to up his weekend warrior fashion game, adidas Superstar track pants in velour are your snuggly yet stylish best bet.

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