An Old-Fashioned Solution to a New Age Problem – The Wood Wallet

The IPPINKA Walnut Wood Wallet -

Prior: The walnut wallet sold out on Amazon, so we have replaced it with the Oak Wallet.

 This product and more: Here in the SPY Holiday Gift Guide


If you’ve ever wanted for the best way to transport business cards and credit cards, IPPINKA’s Oak Wood Wallet is the solution you’re looking for. Everyone from execs to entrepreneurs will find this classic wallet turned wooden a useful addition to their every day items.

5 months
Perfect for you or someone else. Well thanks for narrowing it down to... Absolutely everyone.

Perfect as a gift for yourself or a special friend, each of these elegant wallets has been hand-crafted from a single piece of premium walnut wood. It’s easy to see the attention to detail given to these luxury wallets.

Most traditional wallets allow for their contents to move and bend while being transported in pockets or purses. That’s not the case with the wooden wallet, which measures 3.5 x 3 x 0.5 inches.

The strong oak exterior prevents the contents from being bent or damaged, and the wallet can hold a maximum of 10 credit cards or a couple dozen business cards which are kept in place by a plucky elastic band. 

To secure your cards, you simply slide the items into the wallet and pull the attached band over the cards as well as the wooden exterior. Whether you prefer to keep it in your front or back pocket, this wallet serves as a great way to keep all of your day-to-day credit cards in one secure and easily accessible place, leaving you worry free about bent or crumpled cards.

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