The Pendleton Jacquard Muffler Is a Fashion Must for Men

Pendleton Men's Jacquard Muffler.png

As the winter creeps in, stay warm and stylish with this Jacquard Muffler from Pendleton. A true American heritage brand, Pendleton delivers a winter scarf of the highest quality. The Jacquard Muffler exemplifies the brand’s high standards.

Designed and produced in the United States, this virgin wool scarf is perfect for chilly afternoon strolls. Alternatively, wear it as a quick throw around when you’re taking the dog out for a walk. Remember that scarves for men are all the rage this winter. Don’t be left in the cold!

This dry clean only item sports an eyelash fringe on either end ideal for a casual and relaxed look. With a choice of three classic Pendleton patterns, there is a design to suit everyone, whether you love a more imposing yellow/blue/green, the starkly patterned cream/brown, or a more subtle brown/orange/red.

At 12 x 76-inches, there is plenty of scarf to be worn in whichever style you prefer, from a simple wrap around or thrown over the shoulder. This men’s scarf by Pendleton is great for any occasion!

The soft to touch muffler starts at just over $40 and would make a fantastic surprise or perfect Christmas present for the special man in your life.

If you buy something because we told you about it, we may receive compensation from retail partners.

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