Cadet Clothing Men's Patrol Merino Wool

Warm Up This Winter in CADET’s Wool Beanie

Winter has its positives: skiing, snowball fights, hot cocoa. But mainly it’s cold out there, and you’ve got to bundle up. To keep your head covered (your mom always said you lose all of your body heat that way), look no further than this wool beanie from CADET.

Established in Brooklyn in 2011, CADET is inspired by the post-war military academy era. Their designs capture the spirit and nostalgia mid-century America with a modern sensibility. Case in point: this beanie, which looks straight out of a vintage Navy photo.

Buy: CADET Men’s Wool Beanie $21.34- $47.00

Why we recommend it: it’s knit out of chunky Merino wool yarns, so it’s extra soft, extra warm, and will never lose its shape. It’s a classic, so you’ll wear it and love it forever. Plus, it’s made for him, but really, you know you’ll want to borrow it too (we’ll never tell).

Need another reason to love it? Here’s two. The beanie comes in two colors that go almost with every cold-weather jacket you own, from sporty to casual. And it’s priced from $21 on Amazon, so you can be ready for the next snowy day, for less.

If you buy something because we told you about it, we may receive compensation from retail partners.

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