Real Superstars Wear These Original Adidas – Isn’t It Time You Got A Pair, Starshine?

The Adidas Original Foundation Superstar Sneaker

It started with the NBA, was made a must have for b-boys everywhere thanks to Run-DMC and today is spotted on everyone who’s anyone from the Jenner girls to Jay-Z. It’s adidas’ original Superstar sneaker, hailed by Complex  as the #1 out of 100 most classic adidas kicks of all time.

This version of the iconic Superstar sneaker hails from the sports heritage brand, adidas Originals. It all starts with the signature grooved rubber shell toe, and moves to the leather uppers, which feature simple, classic cotton laces. The fit is perfection, thanks to padded ankle collars, cushioned footbeds, and a patterned outsole for total traction. Don’t forget the contrast signature stripes on the sides. This extra super-fly version of the classic shoe sports a gold adidas Originals trefoil logo on the tongue and heel.

First released in 1969 as a basketball shoe, the adidas Originals Superstar Foundation is a timeless fashion statement that goes beautifully with dark wash denim or slouchy sweats. For the fly girls in the house, you can also pair your Superstars with a cute mini-skirt, a pair of short-shorts or a hot maxi dress – they’re as versatile as a pair of black heels and so much more comfortable.

As fresh as it was more than 40 years ago, the adidas Originals Superstar Foundation Sneaker is the must-have shoe for ballers of all ages.

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