You Can Save 50% and Get A Hip, Hilarious Christmas Turtleneck for Your Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

The Hip Christmas Turtleneck Outshines The
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With Christmas almost upon us, it’s time to stock up on the best of that annual holiday tradition we call… Battle of the Ugly Christmas Sweater.

While anyone can toss on an offensive knit, it takes a special kind of someone to be both clever and garish at the same time. American Rag has created a handful of out-of-this-world designs that are sure to delight and amuse, whether you wear them to make kooky and creative statements about yourself or give them as goofy gifts.

These hip and hilarious holiday turtlenecks are now available exclusively at Macy’s for a great discounted rate!

Christmas Turtlenecks: Were: $30.00 | Now $14.99



A) In Santa We Trust: Whether you’re naughty or nice, this Santa Bills Turtleneck is so money this Holla-Day season.

B) Good Tidings Are Out There: You don’t have to be a space cadet to believe this Christmas in Space Turtleneck will be the most unique holiday wear in the galaxy.

C) Sneaky Sensation: Ginjabread fights for holiday cheer like no other — a winter warrior that kicks Christmas into high gear.

D) Bae It’s Cold Outside: Some may say the Yeti Bae Turtleneck is abominable fashion, but we think it’s pretty darn cute for the holidays. .

Keep this season merry and bright with hip, hilarious Christmas turtlenecks — Yule be happy to win the old Ugly Christmas Sweater game with a new turtleneck twist!

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