Betsey Johnson Women's Bow Licious Multi

The Betsey Johnson Bow Licious Infinity Scarf Is Flamboyant & Fun

Betsey Johnson brings you this winter’s stand out women’s accessory: the Bow Licious Infinity Scarf. If you love bright colors and have a thing for bows, you’re in luck. This eye-catching shoulder hugger has both.

Looking great and staying warm can be harder than it sounds, but this Betsey Johnson gem keeps the cold at bay while delivering elegance and contemporary style.

Buy: Betsey Johnson Bow Licious Infinity Scarf $48.66

This ladies’ scarf sports a brightly striped design, utilizing the complementary color pairings of orange & green and blue & pink. A black background elevates the color combinations. A big bow completes this scarf’s trendy style, giving you a look that few passers-by could resist.

Whereas traditional scarves may fall and lose body, becoming limp and lifeless, the infinity design of this Betsey Johnson scarf ensures your fashion piece always sits attractively.

This scarf is a perfect accompaniment to darker toned outfits, whether it be your gray winter coat or your black evening dress. The Betsey Johnson Bow Licious Infinity Scarf brings class and comfort together, while keeping out the cold. It’s a great gift for a lucky lady who loves a touch of flamboyance. It’s an even better gift for yourself. 

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