Marc Jacobs Ankle Boot

All Tomorrow’s Parties: Sparkle’s Built Right Into This Glam Ankle Boot From Marc Jacobs

Got holiday invites? If you’re like us, you’re (mostly) ready. You’ve got the little black dress and the sparkly jumpsuit for NYE, but somehow you can’t find the perfect, killer shoes. Don’t worry. We’ve found them for you. Check out the amazing, shimmery, and oh-so-covetable Camilla Ankle Boots by Marc Jacobs.

We love them because they’ve got that whole yin-yang, masculine-feminine balance down. Inspired by the 60’s Chelsea boot, they’re crafted from fine leather with a square toe, 5-inch shaft, and 1.75-inch heel.

Buy: Marc Jacobs Glitter Ankle Boot $395.00

Then comes the fun part — they’re alight with all over glitter. Even the heels, so they’re an unexpectedly feminine footnote to minis, strapless dresses, jumpsuits, and whatever you’ve got in your closet that’s drop-dead-own-the-night. They come in two festive colors: silver and gold, for making merry all holiday season long, and ever after.

And the reason we love them the most? They’re from designer Marc Jacobs, the master of the unpredictable, whose ready-to-wear, handbags, and shoes are coveted the moment they hit the runway. So hop onto Amazon, pick your color (or both), and prepare to sparkle at your next party with the Camilla Ankle Boot.

If you buy something because we told you about it, we may receive compensation from retail partners.

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