This Kate Spade Wallet Will Bring

Put Some Color in Your Wardrobe with 30% Off This Kate Spade Wallet

The grey doldrums of winter are on our doorstep. Short days and long nights along with grey skies can make even the most cheerful among us a tad depressed. But, there’s hope in sight! Brighten up your winter with the Kate Spade New York Hawthorne Lane Floral Stacy Wallet. This lively piece is currently on special for an amazing 30% off.

The pink and purple hues of this small wallet is sure to liven up your purse. Friends and strangers alike will compliment your sense of style.

Buy: Hawthorne Lane Floral Stacy Wallet $69.78 (Save 30%)

The exterior of the wallet has a polyurethane coating to ensure the durability of the popular floral design. The exterior snap keeps the wallet closed, but inside you’ll find 13 card slots and two full-length money pockets. And the coral flower print lined by color-popping stitching gives way to a classy beige lining when you open the billfold. The wallet itself measures 7.2 inches in length, 3.7 inches in height and 1.1 inches in width.

If you’re thinking that this wallet sounds perfect for your wardrobe or as a Christmas gifts for a special someone, you’re in luck! The Hawthorne Lane Floral Stacy Wallet by kate spade new york is currently 30% off through Amazon.

The original price of the wallet was $100.00, but you can now snag this fashion piece for only $69.78. You’ll also get free returns, making this a no risk online purchase. Hurry up and get this gorgeous wallet before it sells out!

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