Your Must-Have Winter Wardrobe Staple: The Alix Velvet York Bodysuit

Alix Velvet York Bodysuit

Velvet has been all the rage for fall and winter 2016, thanks to the touch, feel and nature of the classic fabric that’s synonymous with luxury and class. Pair it with this season’s other hottest trend – the bodysuit – and you’ve got a must-have wardrobe staple that you’ll be able to dress up or down and wear all winter long.

Our pick for the most versatile velvet bodysuit is the Velvet York Bodysuit by Alix. It’s all business in the front with a sleek and chic straightforward turtleneck and a party in the bow-embellished cutout back. Perfect as a cold weather-layering piece that won’t add bulk, this bodysuit made of plush stretch Italian velvet adds a very unexpected, sexy surprise when the layers come off.

Designer Alexandra Alvarez first launched the bodysuit collection in 2015, focusing on basics done in a polished yet practical fashion that display a comfortable and sensible approach to sport design with an edge.

The Velvet York Bodysuit features bell sleeves and neck button closures that give it a flow and elegant style that can easily take it from daytime to night. Pair it with a leather skirt, blazer and booties or heels and you have an outfit that transitions beautifully from work to play.

Available in multiple colors, we like timeless black to carry you through not just this season, but plenty more to come.

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