Zero + Maria Cornejo Just Got Cashmere’s Goat with This Superfine Alpaca Cardigan

The Zero + Maria Cornejo Uma

This fall we’re crazy about geometric and tribal patterned sweaters, and this “Uma” waffle-knit cardigan with fringe trim by Zero + Maria Cornejo is a modern, minimalist interpretation and instant classic.

Featuring a high neck, long sleeves, whimsical fringe and front zipper, these luxe Alpaca knits are made in collaboration with a women’s cooperative based in La Paz, Bolivia, which enables women to work from home while supporting themselves and their families. This commitment to support female artisans worldwide is part of the ethos of Zero; a business created, owned and run women, helmed by Chilean-born designer Maria Cornejo. Her vision for every garment she designs to make “desirable fashion for real women that lasts beyond a single season and become cherished items in a woman’s wardrobe.”

Pair the Uma sweater with skinny black jeans and chunky booties by day, or dress it up for evening with black leather pants or a mid-length pencil skirt and sexy block heel shoes. Zip it for a funky tuxedo look, or leave it open for a more casual effect.

The focus on sustainability, ecology and social impact has given Zero + Maria Cornejo a dedicated following and has won high praise from fashion insiders and clients including high-profile celebrities, artists and politicians, from Tilda Swinton to Cindy Sherman and Michelle Obama.

If you buy something because we told you about it, we may receive compensation from retail partners.

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