Take Amazing Panoramic Photos and Time-Lapse

Watch the World Go Round with the Camalapse 4 Panoramic Tripod

Add a new 360° dimension to your time-lapse videos with the Camalapse 4.

This clever little egg timer-esque device is perfect for creating a panning effect in your time-lapse videos or producing panoramic masterpieces. Simply attach your camera to the Camalapse. Then rest it on a tripod or flat surface, twist and point your lens at your chosen start point.

Buy: Camalapse 4 $29.99

Capable of supporting a variety of camera models, the Camalapse 4 uses a fourth generation design, adding a new internal mechanism to improve product strength and robustness. The improved design also includes a more ergonomic feel and allows for easier Camalapse spinning which produces smoother results.

A major addition to the Camalapse Four is its capability to hold a DSLR. Previously the device could handle many smartphones, compact digital cameras and POV cameras, including the iPhone, GoPro, Contour and Drift, but now the unit is capable of handling up to 5 pounds of camera (so long as the central weight remains over the Camalapse).

Available in professional black, the Camalapse has a single available setting of 360° over a one hour period, allowing you to capture time-lapse pictures or videos as you wish.

Sitting at just 2.3 inches high and 2.7 inches wide, the Camalapse is a pocket-sized photographical gem that now includes the ability to screw directly onto any standard tripod mount (1/4″-20) on the top and bottom. This will allow additional height for your work when desired.

Take your time-lapses to a whole new level with the brilliantly easy Camalapse 4.

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