Bluelounge CableBin - Stay wire tidy

Say Goodbye to Your Cable Clutter Nightmares with the Bluelounge CableBin

It’s time to take control of your desk-side mess. Remove those unattractive cable bundles from your life! The Bluelounge CableBin is a quick and sophisticated solution to all of your cable woes.

Using its innovative cable management system, you can transform your cluttered office or living room into a tidy and well-organized space. Simply attach a multi-plug power strip to the inside of the bin using the six included self-adhesive hooks. Then plug all of your wired chargers into the power strip inside the bin. Alternatively, place your routers or unsightly tv cables inside. Finally, restore the lid on top of the bin, and you’ll see that the excess cables stay out of site. To use your chargers or wires, slip the socket end of the power strip through side opening of the Bluelounge CableBin and plug it into the wall. You can access your chargers by using the small opening in the lid or the larger opening on the side of the device.

Buy: Bluelounge CableBin - Light Wood - Cable Management $89.95

Charging your devices couldn’t be easier. Simply rest small devices on the lid, which acts as the perfect shelf. If you need a closer look, pull the cable further through the small outlet. And when you’re done using the cord, drop it back into the CableBin.

The central drum is made of a high-density, flame-retardant plastic, giving you peace of mind knowing that all of your wired devices are safely stowed away.

Sporting a stylish and modern light wood design, the Bluelounge CableBin is the perfect answer to your cable clutter problem whether it’s needed in your work office, home office or living room.

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