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Rustic Town Genuine Goat Leather Messenger Bag – 76% Off

Rustic Town Genuine Goat Leather Messenger

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We searched high and low to find the best bag at an unbeatable price, and finally settled on the Rustic Town Genuine Goat Leather Messenger Bag. Originally priced at $249, Amazon has marked it down by 72% to the so-low price of $69.00. 

Dimensions: 15 x 11 x 4 Inches.

Rustic Town is a brand sold by Amazon from India, where they are connected to local organizations to bring employment to local artisans and share their local skills with a worldwide audience.

But the local traditions have been upgraded. This bag uses YKK Zippers, and implements a heavy duty canvas liner to to prevent leather “sweat” and to keep your items safe. With strong brass fittings and buckles, this is built to last.

People like this bag, it  has 4.5 stars after 169 customer reviews.  Do you still have questions – 23 of them have been answered at Amazon – Perhaps your questions have already be addressed? Click here to see the reviews, questions and answers.

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