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No More Rain: This Umbrella Was Reinvented by Suprella In a Genius Way

A Reinvented Umbrella by Suprella Keeps
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German engineering has done wonders for cars, and now a start-up from Berlin has innovated a  brilliant design for another of life’s essentials: umbrellas!

The Suprella Pro takes the biggest issues with umbrellas – namely you almost always get wet when you close them and they are near impossible to collapse when getting into a car – and turns them around. Or, more accurately, inside out, to keep the raindrops on the Suprella Pro from landing on you or anyone or anything near you.

The Suprella Pro is a “double layer inverted reverse umbrella” that’s twice as strong as other umbrellas and features an innovative closing mechanism that makes it so that the wet side faces inward when you shut the umbrella. The added bonus of this action is that it keeps the interior of your car dry too, as closing it only requires a small space.

For extra protection against the elements, the Suprella Pro is sealed with special high tech nano fibers that repel water and ensure that water and moisture aren’t absorbed. The material is finished with a UV coating that protects you from the sun and the color of the umbrella from fading if you decide to use it in the sunshine. And it’s available in a variety of shades and patterns to brighten your day even when it’s stormy outside.

Best of all, you can have fun singing in the rain without worrying about getting soaked when you try to close your umbrella!

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