Eco-Friendly Style: The Soma Sustainable Carafe and Water Filter

water filter pitcher Soma Sustainable Carafe

* Eco-friendly carafe for filtered water
* Uses the only 100% plant-based water filter available
* Made from shatter-resistant borosilicate glass

Soma’s mission is to deliver clean drinking water to the world – starting with you. Featuring an entirely plant-based filtration system and a shatterproof carafe, this modern water vessel is easy to use and requires minimal upkeep.

After a dinner party mishap, the creators at Soma took on the task of inventing a water filter that is easy on the eye, simple to use and made from completely sustainable materials. The end result was the Soma Water Carafe. This inventive vessel now uses the only 100% plant-based water filter available. It also features a sleek, contemporary design that’s a marked improvement from the bulky water vessels on department store shelves.

Soma’s hourglass carafe can hold up to six glasses (48 oz) of fresh water, which is the ideal size for family dinner times or shared office spaces. The filter lid automatically opens to make filling Soma a cinch. And the carafe is made from a responsibly sourced borosilicate glass, which is lightweight, durable and shatter-resistant, making Soma a party-friendly water vessel.

Designed and assembled in California, Soma requires a minimal amount of maintenance. The water filters, which remain active for up to 40 gallons of water, can be easily ordered for mail delivery. The glass, cone and lid of Soma are also dishwasher friendly for easy cleaning.

Soma’s green ethos is reflected in the company’s promise to donate to a charity partner for every Soma carafe purchased. Their aim is to help combat the global water crisis, while offering an improved and elevated version of a product we use every day.

If you buy something because we told you about it, we may receive compensation from retail partners.

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