This Crinkle Bag Flower Vase Doubles as Abstract Art

crinkle bag vase moma

* From the Museum of Modern Art
* Made of porcelain
* Fits decor in any room of the house

We’re all about originality and creativity when it comes to home decor. It’s fun to get into the habit of adding trendy additions to each room in your home for a personalized look. Combining a classic item like flowers with a super unique twist like an edgy vase, your home will be instantly revamped into an artistic space with this new vase.

When we spotted the Crinkle Bag Vase by MoMa we were instantly drawn to the cool contrast it brought to classic floral arrangements. What appears to be a makeshift flower vase is actually more than meets the eye, creating an interesting balance on the table that raises questions and curiosity. The Crinkle Bag Vase is a fun, unexpected addition to your home that’s a great example of fabulous, no-fuss artistic expression.

crinkle bag vase moma

The Crinkle Bag Vase is made of beautiful porcelain. The design is lightweight and delicate but sturdy enough to keep its shape and hold up your favorite floral arrangement. The crinkled bag look is delightfully abstract, but simple enough to pair with any kind of flower, color palette and preexisting decor. The pleasant off-white color is easily merged with the style of your art and furniture, and the crinkle design adds that cool touch of texture that’s always in style.

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