The Minimalist Desk Lamp That Doubles as a Bluetooth Speaker

This Desk Lamp may Look Minimal

* Clean design with retractable lighting element
* Includes Bluetooth speaker
* Dimmer function lets it work as night light 

This minimalist, modern wooden desk lamp and Bluetooth speaker combination is remarkable not only for its clean design but for a few innovative and useful features.

The desk lamp includes a step less dimmer function, meaning you can set it to whatever light level you desire. This function is actually quite useful, since it allows this desk lamp to perform as a bedside lamp as well.

The wooden desk lamp also includes a built-in Bluetooth compatible speaker, letting it play music from nearly any Bluetooth-enabled device such as a smartphone or laptop. You can even use it in concert with your smartphone as an alarm clock in this way. In addition to the Bluetooth, it also supports audio via an aux cable input.

The rectangular lamp is clean and unobtrusive in its design, with a wood finish and an extendable light that makes for a great reading lamp or desk lamp. If you’re not using it as a lamp, you can also turn it sideways and close the light fixture and it will still function as a Bluetooth speaker.

Thanks to its slim, sleek design, this lamp is at home among a mid-century modern design aesthetic. It pairs well with Eames chairs, Scandinavian modern tables and other modern furnishings. It’s also portable, with a rechargeable battery and included power input. You can leave it plugged in or take it with you and charge it when you’re not using it. At under $25, this well-made piece is a bargain multipurpose desk lamp and Bluetooth speaker, with a simple, clean design that will suit anyone — and anywhere.

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