Please Be Seated: Land Of Nod’s Graceful Domino Desk Chair

Brass Side Chair Land of Nod

* Airy, geometric wire side chair
* Contoured back and wide comfy seat
* Semi-matte, gold colored, powder-coated steel 

If you’re one to tone down — or altogether side step — the wall-to-wall Frozen decor suggestions of your well-meaning offspring, chances are you’ve mitigated your differences in taste with a twirl through the Land of Nod. The brand has built their name by creating furniture and home accessories fun enough for kids and aesthetically pleasing for their parents. So it’s no wonder they’d turn out a piece like the Domino Desk Chair, a gold metal side chair so sophisticated, it may never even make it to your kid’s room.

Brass Side Chair Land of Nod Domino

Divinely simple, the Domino Desk Chair is an airy filigree of thin tubed metal, powder coated in a soft, semi-matte gold color. A gently contoured back and wide comfy seat nod to the shape of a ziggurat, creating a look that’s geometric and minimal without being cold and banal.

Its slender legs and open lattice look are a beautiful counter to heftier pieces, like a Parsons style desk or vintage Gustavian table. While created as a desk chair, its label shouldn’t prevent it from holding court in other rooms; pick up a set of six to wrap around the dining table, or a pair for extra seating in the living room. Its graceful lines will certainly hold their own beyond the reaches of your offsprings’ domain.

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