Tool Bar: 10 Essential Items for a Classy Home Saloon

Home Bar Essentials: 10 Items for
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Image courtesy Shutterstock
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* Elevate your at-home bar with these sophisticated accessories and tools
* Whether you’re a lover of wine, beer, or a cocktail, upgrade to these new items
* Keep your guests impressed with your spirited at-home set up

Whether you love to entertain or simply like to enjoy an evening cocktail in an elegant setting, adding some sleek barware to your current set-up will give your dining area a sophisticated and luxurious update. Even if you stick to wine or like to experiment with trying different craft cocktails, we have 10 items that will elevate your at-home bar game to a (nearly) pro level.

1. Chiringuito Cocktail Shaker

This sleek cocktail shaker is made from a polished stainless steel that’s an elegant addition to your bar cart or tabletop. It’s also designed with a taller and slimmer shape compared to your standard shaker, allowing you to keep a better grip and feel more in control of your cocktail-making action.

modern cocktail shakers Image courtesy of Touch of Modern

Chiringuito Cocktail Shaker


2. Rose Gold Drink Coasters

There’s simply no point in investing in beautiful glassware, if you’re going to stick to clashing, cork coasters. These metallic, rose gold slate coasters are cut in a circular design and work with both hot and cold drinks. This way, you can take them out for a hot cup of tea to start the morning or for a glass of rosé before dinner. Packaged in a nice box for presentation, they’ll also make a great gift for colleagues and associates who are sure to ask where you got yours from.

Rose Gold Drink Coasters Image courtesy of Amazon

Rose Gold Drink Coasters


3. Jack Spade Bartending Glasses

Ideal for aspiring and beginner level mixologists, these contemporary cocktail glasses are playful but also incredibly handy for entertaining. In partnership with Kikkerland Design, a New York-based design firm, Jack Spade created a set of four, eight ounce glasses with a base spirit – whiskey, rum, gin and vodka – and accompanying recipe on each side of the glass.

Bartending cocktail glasses Image courtesy of Spring

Jack Spade Bartending Glasses


4. Mixology Dice Tumbler

Learn how to make mix delicious craft cocktails with this clever mixology dice set. The set includes eight die made from birchwood that have been laser engraved in the U.S. and comes packaged in a reclaimed wine bottle that’s been cut down and polished into a handy tumbler. Each die is engraved with one of eight different ingredients and breaks down as such: spirit, sugar, liqueur, citrus, fruit, herb, spice and bitters.

Mixology Dice Tumbler Image courtesy of Amazon

Mixology Dice Tumbler


5. Vigor Bar Tool Set

This handsome cocktail set will help you take your mixology skills to the next level with exquisite, carefully crafted essentials including an ice bucket, bar knife, strainer, tongs, muddler and bottle opener. Plus, the golden ice bucket adds a retro, prohibition era look on your bar cart. Treat yourself – and your guests – to this world-class mixology must-have.

Bar Tool Kit Image courtesy of Amazon

Vigor Bar Tool Set


6. Brookstone Electric Wine Opener

No one wants to suffer the embarrassment of having trouble removing the cork from a wine bottle when entertaining. This electric wine opener by Brookstone eliminates this possibility, saving you time, strain and embarrassment. With this fool-proof appliance, all you need to do is center the opener over the cork, press the button, and wait. The mechanism will automatically remove the cork from the bottle.

Brookestone electric wine opener Image courtesy of Amazon

Brookstone Automatic Wireless Wine Bottle Opener


7. Edgestar Kegerator

This isn’t your college frat party keg. At 20 inches, it’s large enough and durable enough to serve the needs of home brewers and yet easy to set up as well, making the EdgeStar kegerator a great fit in any home kitchen or minibar set up. It’ll work whether you brew your own beer, ale or mead or just want to be able to have perfect temperature beer on tap. Naturally, the kegerator is a hit at parties.

Image courtesy of Edgestar

Edgestar Kegerator


8. Stainless Steel Chilling Cubes

The Rabbit Chilling Stones are a stylish addition to your party hosting supplies, specially designed to chill drinks without diluting them. Made of food-safe and durable stainless steel, the set of two stones come in a jumbo size for optimal effectiveness, with only one stone needed per drink for superior function.

cocktail chilling cubes Image courtesy of Amazon

Stainless Steel Chilling Cube Set


9. Glass Desktop Whiskey Decanter

A play on the classic “ship in a bottle” decor piece, this decanter lets your ship-in-a-bottle sail on a sea of whiskey, which sounds like a dream Homer Simpson might have, but looks far more elegant and refined in practice. The Desktop Globe Whiskey Decanter is beautifully hand-crafted and allows for showing off the rich amber hues of your favorite whiskey or rum, or the subtle reds of a merlot, too.

Globe whiskey decanter Image courtesy of Amazon

Glass Desktop Whiskey Decanter


10. Scotch-Infused Toothpicks

Impress your guests with these elegant, scotch-infused toothpicks after a meal. Packed in a beautiful navy box, each tainted glass vial comes with 12 toothpicks and is corked to ensure freshness. The toothpicks have been infused with scotch from a 200-year-old distillery. Aside from scotch, the picks also contain an assortment of essential oils, ginger and honey.

Scotch-Infused Toothpicks Image courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Scotch Infused Toothpicks