SPY Guide: Bright Colors & Cheerful Vibes From Karma Living Home Decor

Karma Living's Millifiori Collection

If you’re looking for a great gift that’s sure to brighten up someone’s day, look no further than these five pieces that we spotted from Karma Living. The American home decor brand’s “Millifiori Collection” is vintage inspired, crafted from iron and styled with cheerful floral imagery that’s sure to please even the most difficult of recipients.

Use these five pieces together to create a floral theme around the house, or select your favorite item to gift as a stand-alone, statement centerpiece. Designed in New Jersey and made in India, it’s old-world charm meets modern flair.

Millifiori Vase

Millifiori Vase Bright colors pop against a dark slate blue background on the Millifiori Vase. Crafted from iron and painted with flowers, this striking vase matches many decorating themes thanks to the multi-colored palette.

Millifiori Long Tray

Millifiori Long Tray A matching set makes all the difference for gift giving. If you’re buying the Millifiori Vase, add this long, rectangular tray to create a home decor duo. Use this tray to serve treats, hold dinnerware or in your entryway for keys and chargers.

Millifiori Jug

Millifiori Jug In bright yellow with whimsical wildflowers, this round handle pitcher is perfect to pour iced tea or fresh squeezed lemonade on a hot summer day. When not being used as a pitcher, it doubles as a beautiful vase.

Millifiori Tray

Millifiori Tray Instead of just sipping on a beverage, make it a party when you serve snacks on the matching Millifiori Tray.

Millifiori Set of 3 Boxes

Millifiori Set of 3 Boxes A set of iron boxes in mixed sizes, bright colors and styled with vintage florals makes another great gifting option. Give this trio of storage boxes to a friend who likes to decorate with flair. Set aside one box for jewelry and accessories, one for your mail and one for mementos. 

If you buy something because we told you about it, we may receive compensation from retail partners.

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