It’s Time to Start Using Smart Bulbs

Philips Smart Light Bulb
Image courtesy of Amazon

* Choose from 16 million different light colors
* Connect up to 50 different lights under one account
* 120 lumens offers better lighting in every room

It’s hard to believe Thomas Edison patented the first light bulb way back in 1879. Not much has changed since then. Sure, light bulbs today are stronger, more efficient and include eco-friendly LEDs, but the results are roughly the same. Philips is hoping to change that with their series of smart bulbs.

The Philips Hue Bloom offers a smarter, more efficient way to control your home’s lighting. By using your smartphone or tablet, you’re able to monitor and control your light settings with the tap of a finger. Dim the lights, adjust the brightness levels and even change the color instantly. With 16 million different color choices to choose from, this smart bulb is way more than meets the eye.

2 months
Thanks for pointing this out
Matthew John Coleman
3 months
16 million colors is not true. Maybe 30 tops. I have four of the Blooms.
3 months
This article is misleading. I'm a Phillips hue user since the beginning and the Bloom is not...

Connect the Bloom to your Alexa service and enjoy even more connectivity in every room. Great for mood lighting, you can even set up specific lighting effects to begin and end at a specific time.

This smart light bulb offers up to 120 lumens of light, which is more than enough for most settings. What’s more, you can connect up to 50 different lights to your main account, adding smart settings to every lamp or bulb in your home. And with firmware and software consistently being updated, this is the only light you’ll ever use that actually gets brighter over time.

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