8 Camera Accessories Every Amateur Photographer Needs

* 8 essential accessories for aspiring photographers
* Tools to elevate your photo experience
* Key purchases for care and storage of photos and equipment

If you’re planning on making good on a New Year’s resolution to stay inspired and take more pictures, we’ve found some essential accessories you need. Beyond investing in a solid camera, a few extra gadgets are key to maintaining expensive equipment and improving your skills.

Here, we’ve pulled together 8 camera accessories every amateur photographer needs to take their craft to the next level.

1. Camkik Professional Camera Cleaning Kit

Maintain your camera equipment with this comprehensive camera cleaning kit. The set includes a reusable spray bottle, soft cleaning cloths, brush pen, air blower and lens cleaner.

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2. AmazonBasics Camera Tripod

Every aspiring photographer needs a tripod, and this one is lightweight, sturdy and adjustable in height up to 50 inches. It conveniently collapses into just 12 inches and slips into an included carrying bag.

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3. USA Gear Camera Grip Strap

Stabilize your grip and get that shot with the help of a grip strap. Padded neoprene construction provides increased safety, stability, and control, whether you’re shooting still or video.

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4. OTG MicroUSB

This Micro-USB On-The-Go (OTG) to USB 2.0 adapter connects your phone or tablet to a camera/thumb drive for photo and file transfers. It’s a must have for shooting on the go.

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5. Goja Professional Lens Filter Kit

Available for lens sizes 52 – 67mm, this filter kit delivers Ultraviolet UV, Circular Polarizer CPL, Fluorescent FLD filters plus additional accessories such as a filter pouch, tulip flower lens hood, lens cap, cleaning cloth and keeper leash.

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6. HiiGuy DSLR Camera Strap

Every photographer needs a strap, both for securing and portability. HiiGuy’s strap is a great choice thanks to thoughtful details like an adjustable, quick-release padded design, complete with zip compartments for extra batteries, memory cards and other accessories.

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7. Toshiba Canvio Portable Hard Drive

Toshiba’s Canvio hard drive offers 1 TB of storage in a compact, light package – the entire drive just about fits in the palm of a hand. It’s plug and play operation means there’s no cumbersome software setup for each device you plug it into.

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8. Orangemonkie Foldable Lightbox Studio

For the budding entrepreneur or still-life photog, this purchase is a game-changer for achieving pro-looking results. Foldio is the world’s first portable studio with a foldable design and the set includes all the necessary equipment -a light, backdrops and power.

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