This Outdoor TV Is Ready For Summer. Are You?

outdoor tv sunbritetv
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* Extra bright 4K screen for patio and outdoor use
* Strong aluminum exterior helps prevent moisture and dust buildup
* Powerful 20W speakers with 4 HDMI ports

With summer just around the corner, there’s never been a better time to give your patio a little makeover. Maybe bring in a few new chairs, a nice apothecary table and hey, how about adding a new TV while you’re at it?

This 55-inch TV was made to be watched outdoors. Great for those lazy afternoons sipping iced tea on the back porch, SunBriteTV’s extra-bright LED screen is 30 percent brighter than traditional indoor models.

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Personally, I really like the SunBrite TV's. You seriously cannot appreciate their quality until you actually see...

Where other TVs fail, SunBrite uses a powerful UDH high-brightness screen to catch even more colors and offer a higher resolution under minimal shade. With a built-in 178° viewing angle, everyone can see what’s happening on screen.

Worried about placing this TV in extremely hot (or extremely cold) settings? The baby was made to work under extreme temperatures. In fact, this model was built to withstand temperatures ranging from a chilling -24F up to a sweltering 140F. 

The durable, powder-coated aluminum exterior helps prevent moisture and dust buildup. It also helps protect against rain, snow, rust and other environmental elements. Take that, Mother Nature.

Equipped with powerful 20W booming speakers, this TV provides impeccable sound quality indoors and out. You’re also able to use any of the four separate HDMI ports to add your own external audio — you won’t need to, but the option’s still there.

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