This Waterproof Keyboard is The Keyboard of The Future

waterproof keyboard sharper image

* Waterproof surface makes it easy to clean and care for
* Keyboard and mouse in one
* Super slim, futuristic design

Sharper Image’s new Glass Touch Waterproof Keyboard is the perfect streamlining tool for multi-taskers. The intelligent keyboard is built with both a mouse function and keyboard capabilities, allowing you to toggle between windows, click and drag all from the same spot. Just keep one finger on CAPS LOCK while you use the other to slide up and down to change modes. The best part: with its tempered glass keyboard, you’ll never have to worry about spilling your drink or getting crumbs in between your keys again.

Made of sleek aluminum alloy and the aforementioned tempered glass, you will feel as if you’re typing in the middle of a sci-fi movie. No software or downloading required. Set-up only requires plugging your computer’s USB port into the keyboard. The device works on virtually all systems — Windows, Android and Mac included. The blue LED back light turns on when you’re in keyboard mode and goes dark when you’re using the device as a mouse. At just 12 mm thick, the super slim design is ultra portable and tucks easily into your desk drawer.

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