Never Take A Bad Selfie Again With This Slim Selfie Remote

A Selfie Remote That Takes Quality

* Sleek, durable and compact selfie remote
* Compatible with iPhone, iPad, Android and Samsung Galaxy/Note
* Take selfies as far as 30 feet

When it comes to smartphone selfies, it’s tough to always get that perfect, natural-looking shot. Either you’re left out of the photo, have that awkward extended arms-length shot that crops someone’s face out, or you end up with that all-too-familiar blurry mirror pic. It’s time to put an end to your smartphone selfie woes with the one-of-a-kind Selfie Remote.

Selfie Remote Shuttr

The Muku Shuttr is compatible with iPhone, iPad, Android and Samsung devices and is easy to set-up. Sleek, stylish and slim (it’s only 6-mm thick), the Shuttr offers an easy-to-hide solution while posing for pictures and can be stored on a keychain or easily in your pocket. You can take selfies as far as 30 feet and no line of sight is needed, meaning you can use Shuttr while it’s still in your pocket or purse. It also comes with an audio jack phone stand so you can position your phone in a freestanding position so you’ll never be left out of a photo again. To keep your remote clean and in a safe place at all times, a micro fiber carrying pouch is included.

With the innovative selfie remote, you can finally say goodbye to that pesky “selfie arm” and take quality photos your Instagram and Facebook followers are sure to love — and sure to see clearly.

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