The Apple Watch Series 2 Has Never Been This Cheap

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There’s nothing like a rare discount to whet your appetite for a mini splurge. Boy Genius Report found this great promotion on the Apple Watch Series 2 at Best Buy. Get the details below and order yours today.

UPDATE: The earlier BBY promo is now over, but the good news is you can still find the original Apple Watch now for $299.79:

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And the Apple Watch Series 2 is available on Amazon (from 3rd party sellers) starting at $349.99, which is $30 off the retail price:

Original post — From our sister site BGR:
Earlier this week, we told you that the sale so many of you had been waiting for had finally arrived. While it’s not uncommon at all to see nice price cuts on the Apple Watch Series 1 or even Apple’s original Watch models, the new Apple Watch Series 2 rarely sees any price drops. And when it does, they’re typically nominal at best. There’s nothing nominal about the big Apple Watch Series 2 sale currently taking place on the Best Buy website, however, and you still have time to score a big discount on 34 different Apple Watch Series 2 models.

Whether you want a 42mm Apple Watch Series 2 in space gray aluminum with a black sport band, a 38mm Apple Watch Series 2 Nike+ edition with a black/volt band, a space black Apple Watch Series 2 model with the Milanese Loop bracelet, or an entry-level gold aluminum Apple Watch Series 2 Sport model with a midnight blue strap, Best Buy has got you covered. You’ll save $70 on each of those four Apple Watch models, along with 30 other Watch and strap combinations currently available on Best Buy’s site.

Thanks to this huge sale, Apple’s newest Apple Watch Series 2 models now start at just $299 for the 38mm models and $329 for the larger 42mm models. Those prices are absolutely amazing considering we’re talking about the best smartwatches in the industry here. In fact, some might argue that they’re the only smartwatches that are even worth considering at this point, though Samsung has really stepped things up lately with its Tizen watches.

We’re not here to talk about Tizen, though. We’re here to point you to the best sale there has ever been on the Apple Watch Series 2. You’ll find the aforementioned models along with the rest of the Watches included in Best Buy’s big sale right here on the retailer’s website.

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