This Durable Silicone Skin Will Give Your Nest Cam The Protection It Deserves

Nest Cam Silicone Skins Wasserstein

* Made with waterproof and UV light-resistant silicone
* Patent-pending design allows for easy slip on
* Choose from seven patterns and colors

Your Nest Cam outdoor security camera stands watch and protects your home 24/7; rain, snow or shine. It serves as your high-tech watch dog, ensuring no suspicious activities happen in and around your home and/or place of business without you knowing. So it’s important to protect your investment with the resilient Silicone Skin from Wasserstein.

With seven patterns to choose from, you can camouflage your outdoor Nest Cam so that it can blend seamlessly with the color tone of your home or business, or choose a design to help it stand out — and let visitors know they’re being monitored.

Thanks to its weather-proof and UV light-resistant silicone design, it will also give your security camera a sophisticated upgrade while protecting it from the rain, wind and sun.

Wasserstein’s patent pending design allows you to slip on the silicone skin with minimal effort. The skin’s durability is second to none as it’s strong enough to protect your camera, but also thin enough to not disrupt or impair the magnetic mount. The silicone helps it stay put — no fussing around or slipping happening here.

The versatile silicone skin protector offers extra peace of mind and extends your Nest Cam longevity so it can continue to protect your home or place of business for years to come.

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