Maintaining Power: 4 Solar Gadgets for Endless Energy on the Go

camping solar gadgets
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* Pack smarter with these solar-powered gadgets
* Bypass hard-to-find electrical outlets and charge your devices straight from the sun
* Check out these 4 must-have solar gadgets

Planning an outdoor adventure this summer? You don’t want to get left in the dark. Packing a few solar-charging devices could make all the difference between a ho-hum adventure and the ideal vacation.

No plugs? No chargers? No problem. We’ve picked the best solar gadgets to help make your next trip a little more bright.

1. ECEEN Solar Flashlight

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Rule 1 of camping is to never go out at night without a flashlight. Luckily, this lil’ light offers a 5V solar charger so that you can charge it during the day for instant use at night. With an impressive 4-hour lifespan and a powerful 1-watt LED light, this is one flashlight you don’t want to leave at home…or in the car.


2. WakaWaka Solar Charger

Waka Waka Charger Image courtesy Amazon

Think of it as a Swiss Army Knife of sorts. With a built-in extra-powerful 240mAh solar charger, this nifty little gizmo is able to charge most smartphones in under two hours. Plus, it also works as a flashlight, offering up to 150 hours of bright, uninterrupted light on a single charge. If you’re planning a trip off the beaten path, then the WakaWaka is a must-have.


3. Life Stealth Solar Backpack

Solar Backpack Image courtesy Amazon

Ditch your old backpack and take to the woods with this extremely versatile solar-powered pack. With 12 unique features, the Stealth Backpack includes an impressive solar strip that’s able to charge any and all USB-connected devices. It even includes a built-in Bluetooth speaker for easy listening on the go.


4. SolarBag Portable Water Purifier

solarbag Image courtesy Amazon

If you fancy yourself as the more adventurous type, then this solar-powered water purifier makes a perfect companion piece to your solar-powered arsenal. Unlike other portable water purifiers, this one actually uses sunlight to purify and clean your water. With each packet offering clean, drinkable water on the go, the SolarBag is able to purify up to three liters of water at a time.

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