Here’s Why They Call These The “Super Comfortable Bluetooth Headphones”

Avantree Super Comfortable Bluetooth Over Ear

* Designed for comfort, weighing less than 6.5 ounces
* 40 hour battery life
* Superior sound with clear highs and deep bass

We all need a pair of headphones that work well. Whether we’re at the gym, on a train, waiting in line for tacos, or just lying in bed relaxing, there’s always an endless search for a pair of headphones that we’ll love. These wireless headphones from Avantree are literally called the “Super Comfortable Bluetooth Headphones” and they are exactly that. They’ll easily find a home on your head.

The Avantree headphones’ superior Hi-Fi Sound will have you feeling like you’re right in the middle of a concert, with clear highs and rich, deep bass. The audio quality is top-notch and on par with other high-end brands. Connect to the headphones through Bluetooth or using the 3.5 mm audio jack. When using Bluetooth, the headphones offer a 40 hour battery life. And when your battery’s dead, simply plug in the cable and listen to your heart’s content, without zapping any power.

We’re all sick and tired of trying to find our soulmate headphones. It’s always a struggle to get that perfect fit and the right model to match your lifestyle. The Wireless Avantree Bluetooth Headphones feature super soft, cushioned ear pads and a stretchable, adjustable headband. Plus, they’re incredibly comfortable and light, weighing in at less than 6.5 ounces. That’s like the weight of six slices of bread.

With no messy wires or heavy materials to weigh you down, these headphones are perfect for traveling, gaming or for running errands on the go. A 12 month manufacturer’s warranty ensures that you’ll be taken care of should anything happen to them. Pick up a pair of these Avantree Super Comfortable Bluetooth Headphones and you can start listening to your music conveniently, confidently and yes, comfortably too.

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