Pièce de Résistance: Get Ultra-Dense Sound From the Silver Phantom Speaker

Devialet Silver Phantom

* Ultra-dense sound in sleek package
* No distortion, no saturation, no background noise
* Sounds like a system 10 times its size

Take your listening to the next level with the Devialet Silver Phantom Speaker. You’ll finally get to enjoy ultra-dense sound with no distortion, no saturation and no background noise. It’s all housed in a French-made silver bullet that wouldn’t look out of place in a design museum or magazine spread.

Combining a proprietary hybrid of analog and digital technology that delivers the ultimate auditory experience. your home theater and music experience will never be the same.

Capable of achieving remarkable sharpness and range, the Phantom will replace your existing sound system in one fell swoop. Use one Phantom speaker if you want the best dock. Two Phantoms work in tandem to create the best Hi-Fi system you’ve ever heard. Three or more Phantom speakers deliver the ultimate multi-room sound system.

The Phantom is only the size of a basketball, but the sound is so good, you’ll think it’s coming from a system 10 times its size. Weighing a hefty 28 pounds, this device delivers 3000 watts of pure power.

What else? An inspired attention to design means the Phantom will look great in your home, and not just because its futuristic packaging looks like a space capsule. Bluetooth technology means you won’t have to hassle with wires during installation — there won’t be any eyesore cords ruining your decorating theme.

One of the best-reviewed luxury speakers on the market, the Phantom also comes in a gold or white finish.

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