Sleep Like a Baby With These Stereo Sound Pillow Speakers

These Sleep Therapy Pillow Speakers by

* Speakers do not require batteries or power
* High-quality stereo sound
* Sturdy enough to be used with standard or king size pillows

“Sound Therapy” is a category of therapy with a concentration on improving sleep via sounds. Studies have shown that people tend to get a better night’s sleep and relax easier when we can block out distracting noise and listen to natural sounds. The Sound Oasis Pillow Speakers fall under this category of therapy to help you achieve a more enhanced, deeper and effective sleep.

The speakers do not require batteries or power. Simply place these sturdy, yet thin speakers under your pillow at night and enjoy your favorite music or natural sound of choice. These speakers come equipped with a long, 73-inch cord that can withstand even the most restless of sleepers and an in-line volume button for effortless volume control.

The music and sounds are elevated by two high fidelity, ultra-thin stereo speakers that work with most electronic devices including iPods, MP3 players, CD players and televisions via your standard headphone jack.

Some alternate uses of these speakers include sewing into a pillow to help keep them from moving around, great for use when you travel or just pull them out during the day and use them as regular speakers too.

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