Daily Deal: Save $60 on On These Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

GRDE Bluetooth Earbuds

* Enjoy faster pairing time and stronger connection
* Sweatproof construction makes them ideal for workouts
* Was $99.99 | Now only $39.99

Save 60% when you order the GRDE Bluetooth Earbuds right now. Designed to give you a great wire-free listening experience, the GRDE buds rest comfortably in your ears. Featuring the latest Bluetooth V4.1 technology plus EDR, they offer a faster pairing time, stronger connection and excellent noise cancellation. Originally priced at $99.99, they’re now only $39.99.

These headphones also give you a choice between Dual Ear Mode and Single Ear Mode, meaning the dual earpiece works individually or in pairs. They’re also great to use for shared listening with a friend. They come with stabilizer wing tips for an extra secure fit during your workouts, plus the sweatproof construction makes them perfect for sports, the gym and running. 

GRDE Bluetooth Earbuds offers a playtime varied between 3 and 5 hours, or 125 hours standby time with a full charge. They are operated by a single button with multiple functions. One press can even play, pause and answer or reject phone calls. These headphones are widely compatible with most Bluetooth-enabled devices.

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