hovo Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Get a Clean Sweep With This 4-in-1 Robotic Vacuum

* 4-in-1 device: cleaning, mopping, sweeping, sterilization
* Built-in anti-allergy filters and UV light for disinfection
* A more powerful and efficient cleaning solution

A programmable all-in-one robotic vacuum, the Hovo 780 sets itself apart from the competition with an array of unique and thoughtful features. Not just for making YouTube cat videos anymore, this disc-shaped robot is a genuine floor and rug cleaning device with a built-in set of anti-allergy HEPA filters and strong suction to keep your surfaces looking fresh and clean.

The vacuum includes easily programmable scheduling functions and the ability to set up an invisible “two-way virtual blocker” to limit the area it will travel. Like a drone, the Hovo 780 will automatically return to its base when the battery runs low.

Buy: Hovo 780 4-in-1 Robotic Vacuum $269.99

The Hovo 780 comes with roller brushes and extended side brushes to effectively clean corners and moldings, along with a nifty “turbo” mode that helps pick up stubborn dirt and dust particles. Plus, a built-in UV light allows the robotic vacuum to disinfect floors as it travels – great for houses with pets or little kids.

More than just a vacuum for carpets, the Hovo 780 really distinguishes itself with its multi-surface capabilities. It’s even able to wet-and-dry mop linoleum and tile floors, with an electrically controlled “smart” water and cleaning solution drip. It ensures a deeper, more efficient clean. A remote control allows for manual operation, while a power saving mode meets energy efficiency standards.

The Hovo 780 4-in-1 Robotic Vacuum is one device you won’t be able to put down – or put away for long.

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