This Water Bottle is Untraditional in So Many Ways

Clean Bottle’s New Square Design is

* Sleek water bottle with an intelligent square design
* Able to house modules for filtering and infusing
* Completely BPA-free and made of tritan plastic

How do you improve the basic water bottle? By turning it on its head and making it square.

As the world’s only bottle that opens at both ends, the Square Bottle is made for easy cleaning and filling. The removable bottom lets you wash and clean the bottle more thoroughly. The bottom also be combined with attachments to provide a filter-as-you-fill system or a fruit-infused drinking experience.

Clean Bottle Square Tritan BPA-Free Water Bottle

The Square Bottle is probably most striking for its unique shape, which prevents the bottle from rolling away while still providing a comfortable fit in any standard cup holder. It’ll stay put in your car, next to you on your bike, or while you’re taking a spin class.

The convenient vessel also features an easy-to-carry handle that’s comfortable in most hands whether you’re hiking or running.

Every bottle is dishwasher safe and BPA-free thanks to the tritan plastic with which it’s made. And Clean Bottle — the makers of the Square Water Bottle — offers a lifetime guarantee. Furthermore, the bottle comes in seven attractive colors, including orange, blue, red and green.

With its clever shape, large carrying capacity (25 oz.) and inventive add-ons, the Square Bottle is an ideal water vessel. Whether you’re hitting the gym, taking a hike or relaxing with some yoga, this bottle makes staying hydrated easy.

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