This Kitchen Scale Has a Few Tricks Up Its Sleeve

This Food Scale is a Smart

* Intelligent food scale provides weight and nutritional information
* Includes booklet with up to 2000 different foods
* Ideal for those who are concerned with their daily food intake

Get more from your kitchen device with this super smart kitchen scale. Able to provide more than just weight information, the Greater Goods Nourish Digital Scale offers a variety of nutritional values that can help you build a healthy and balanced diet.

Featuring a sleek and slimline design, this intelligent scale works just like any other digital scale, allowing you to weigh foods within 0.1 ounces. Where the Greater Goods Digital Kitchen Scale differs from your standard scale is the built-in data bank, which includes nutritional information for up to 2000 foods.

food scale Greater Goods Nourish digital kitchen nutritional facts display

Whether you want to know how many calories are in your avocado or a block of cheese, you simply need to find the corresponding food number in your included information booklet, type it into the display and enjoy the resulting weight-specific nutritional information.

This scale is ideal for people trying to keep track of their daily sugar and calorie count. Providing a quick and simple way to calculate your daily intake, the Greater Goods scale helps you stay under your desired limit and achieve the balanced diet you’ve been looking for.

The ideal gift for a partner who’s keeping an eye on their diet, or kids who just love to know more, the Nourish Digital Scale is a simple way to make sure you’re in control of what’s going into your body.

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