Aromatherapy Meets Home Decor With the Zaq Bamboo Diffuser

Aroma Therapy: Zaq Bamboo Diffuser

* Get more from your aromatherapy with a bamboo diffuser
* Functional art that blends with any decorating theme
* Lasts up to 12 hours

You may know a lot about aromatherapy. Bergamot balances your mood and promotes healthy skin. Clove relieves pain and promotes healthy teeth. Eucalyptus makes a great decongestant during cold and flu season. Frankincense not only relieves anxiety, but it also acts as an anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial agent, as well as a digestive aid. But are you getting the most from your aroma treatments?

The essential oils are only part of the larger picture. To experience the greatest benefit from your aroma treatments, your entire environment must be copacetic. For that, you need the right diffuser. Something like the Zaq Bamboo Diffuser from Spark Naturals.

The Zaq Bamboo Diffuser was inspired by the tranquility of jade stone and evergreen grasses. Just as essential oils promote health, bamboo wood fills the room with healing energy and natural comfort — elements that cannot be overlooked. This diffuser is a piece of functional art that blends with almost any decorating theme.

Small enough to fit on a vanity countertop and attractive enough to suit anyone’s taste, this diffuser will last six hours in continuous mode and 12 hours in interval mode.

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