This High-Impact Crash Sensor Is a Real Lifesaver

crash sensor icedot

* Works with all iPhone models and Android phones running 4.3 or later
* Smarter Bluetooth technology keeps ICEdot connected while conserving battery power
* Monitors and tracks ride and instantly notifies loved ones in case of emergency

Developed by a team of skilled riders and researchers, the ICEdot Crash Sensor adds an extra layer to your helmet by tracking your location and monitoring any potential impacts along the way. Simply attach the sensor to your helmet, sync it to your phone and ride with peace of mind.

The high-impact sensor works with iPhone 4S models and up, as well as Android phones running 4.3 or later. The sensor is able to track your exact location and immediately picks up on any impacts detected. In fact, the app starts a countdown whenever a crash is detected and will then notify friends and family unless otherwise specified.

If that wasn’t enough, the ICEdot also uses a powerful battery that can last up to 20 hours continuously and up to 30 hours on standby. What’s more, the smarter Bluetooth technology helps keep the ICEdot connected while conserving more battery. You can ride longer, safer, without having to worry about your battery dying.

Packed with a helmet clip, zip ties and micro USB charger, the ICEdot also come with a free 1-year ICEdot Membership. This device is quickly revolutionizing the way helmets work. If you’re an avid biker, adventurer or just someone who likes to go on the occasional ride, then this device could be a literal lifesaver.

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