This is the Most Stylish and Easy-to-Use Fitness Tracker We’ve Seen

The Mira Activity Tracker and Bracelet

* Available in three different size ranges
* Compatible with both iOS and Android operating systems
* Long-lasting battery works for five days on a single charge

Fitness trackers are no longer just for elite athletes or sports stars. They have made their way down to the masses and are available in every shape, size and color imaginable.

Most of them have some kind of plain, rubber-like black band that might appeal to men, but the more fashionable woman might want a stylish alternative. We have done some extensive research and have found one that is not only pretty to look at, but meets all of our technical criteria and is sure to not disappoint.

The Mira Wellness Activity Tracker is a smart bracelet and activity tracker designed like a beautiful piece of jewelry, proving that tech and high style can coexist. Targeted to women (but simple enough to be unisex), the bracelet is made of flexible, surgical-grade stainless steel, making it easy to pair — and easy to get on and off. The activity sensor itself is removable, so you can wear it in the bracelet, clip it to your clothing or slip it into your pocket for ultimate discretion.

Mira’s capabilities mirror all the other less fashionable activity trackers on the market. It tracks your steps, calories, distance and elevation and syncs with the Mira app to provide detailed insight around your activity to help you celebrate your wins (and note your losses).

Mira then turns your activity data into a wellness story that allows you to reflect, revealing insight gained from analyzing your data and presenting it to you through easy to understand words of encouragement, boosts and fun graphics.

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