A Clean Toothbrush for Cleaner Teeth

DazzlePro Elite Sonic Toothbrush

* Creates 40,000 cleaning pulsations per minute
* UV charging case kills germs and bacteria while it charges
* Compact, portable design

Get ready for the best smile of your life. The DazzlePro Elite Sonic Toothbrush will make your teeth sparkle and shine. This top quality toothbrush removes more plaque and whitens better than standard toothbrushes. That’s because it creates 40,000 sonic pulsations per minute for powerful cleaning that blasts away all of the gunk that discolors and damages your teeth.

That’s only half the story, because the DazzlePro Elite takes clean to the next level with its UV sanitizing charging case. Think about it. How effective can simply rinsing your toothbrush in water be? It’s going to have germs and bacteria nestled amongst the bristles, ready to stick back in your mouth next time your brush. No thanks.

Instead, the DazzlePro Elite uses UV rays to effectively neutralize, sanitize and remove bacteria. You can be confident that you’re cleaning your teeth with a pristine, sterilized toothbrush. And one that’s fully USB charged for up to 40 uses too.

Other perks include a compact and portable design that’s perfect for travel, along with 2 toothbrush heads. Not sure if you’ve brushed long enough? There’s also a 2-minute smart auto-timer and area-change alert.

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