Get Your (Office) Game On With The Spalding Mini Basketball Set

spalding nba mini hoop

* Includes over-the-door backboard and 5-inch basketball
* Real game Spalding replica polycarbonate backboard and metal rim
* Padded bracket to prevent damage to your door

Are you a budding LeBron James or Kevin Durant? Show off your skills to your office buddies or toss away your stress with the NBA Slam Jam Mini Hoop, which turns any office or room in your house into your very own fun-sized practice court.

Whether you need to blow off some steam at work or want to get a couple dunks in before bed, this fun-sized replica easily fits over the top of any standard size door. The miniature NBA standard hoop features a clear polycarbonate backboard and comes with your very own 5-inch rubber basketball. The backboard bracket is also fully padded to prevent any scuffs or unwanted marks on your door.

Ideal for adults and children alike, this Spalding mini hoop also sports a Slam Jam breakaway metal rim built to withstand your powerful dunk shots. We know you dunk like the pros!

Sporting the NBA and Spalding logos on the backboard and ball, this well-made, high-quality set is definitely game worthy – and game ready. Who doesn’t want a miniature basketball court in their home or office?

The Spalding NBA Mini Hoop offers an indoor alternative for days when the rain is pouring down or even just a challenge during endless stacks of paperwork. Get your game on!

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