The Black Mesh Yoga Bag: Your Style Zen

Yoga Bag Black Sport Mesh Transience

* Luxe, athletic-inspired design
* Crafted from neoprene mesh with leather trim
* Comes with drawstring mesh bag

In the age of constant communication, perpetual hurry and ever-decreasing sleep, it’s important to escape from the hustle and find your center. For many people, that means yoga class.

The only problem for the girl or guy on-the-go is that even after you’ve found a class you enjoy, you’ve still got to carry all that stuff (read: mat, water bottle, towel). Feeling good about yourself starts with feeling good about how you walk into the room. You don’t want to stuff your yoga gear into an oversized duffel or ugly gym bag you bought on the cheap. Your yoga bag should reflect the excellence of your practice, which is why you need the Black Sport Mesh Yoga Bag from Transience.

This over-the-shoulder sport bag is crafted from neoprene mesh, with a sleek, contemporary silhouette. Nailing the luxe athleisure trend at its finest, the bag is outfitted with genuine leather trim, thick black handles and a black, two-way zip closure for easy access. A hanging strap detail on the bottom lets you tie up your shoes, yoga mat or foam roller. The set also comes with a detachable drawstring mesh bag that you can use to carry your shower gear or dirty clothes post-workout.

Lightweight, stylish and easy to clean, the innovative shape of the bag allows it to fold flat for easy storage when not in use. Our suggestion: buy this bag for yoga, but keep it handy to use as an extra gym bag or impromptu weekend bag as well.

If you buy something because we told you about it, we may receive compensation from retail partners.

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