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Keyed In: 7 Best Key Organizers for a Neat and Tidy Keychain

Best Key Organizers: 7 Gadgets for
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* Easy to assemble keychain organizers
* Make your keys work like a Swiss army knife
* The seven best, all with a different style

People carry keys for their house, car, mailbox, office, bike, desk and more, but just let them jangle around their pockets, poking holes in pants and looking like a janitor. Few realize that there is an easy solution: keychain organizers.

Keychain organizers come with assembly kits that allow you to screw all your keys together in one compact structure. You can flip them out when needed, like a Swiss Army Knife. Amazon has a plethora of keychain organizers in different styles at reasonable prices. We’ve combed through them to find the seven best.

1. Leather Key Organizer

This simple key organizer from Xindinyi is designed with a leather loop, and is great for people who carry up to six keys. Loop it through your belt and access your keys easily, or attach it to your bag or car fob.

[caption id="attachment_61301" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Leather Key Organizer Xindinyi Image courtesy of Amazon[/caption]


2. KEYTECH Key Organizer

This geometrically designed, gold polished aluminum-alloy key organizer features a bottle opener and wrench. It holds 12-16 keys, though we don’t recommend using your car keys after you’ve used the bottle opener.

[caption id="attachment_61043" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Key Organizer Keytech Image courtesy of Amazon[/caption]


3. KeySmart Classic Key Organizer

This super slim key organizer from KeySmart has over 2,000 good reviews for a reason: it’s a durable, ergonomic gadget that’s easy to assemble and customize.

[caption id="attachment_61045" align="aligncenter" width="337"]Key Organizer KeySmart Image courtesy of Amazon[/caption]


4. Koba Keysafe Key Organizer

The Koba Keysafe is another great option, mainly due to its strong, lightweight carbon fiber construction.

Key Organizer Koba Image courtesy of Amazon


5. Carbo Cage Keycage

The Keycage, also made of carbon fiber, is cleverly designed as it allows for easy one-handed movement and fits up to 14 keys. Made in Germany.

Key Organizer Carbo Cage Image courtesy of Amazon


6. KeyMate Key Organizer

The KeyMate features a minimal, compact design. It also features a bottle opener. The KeyMate is easy to assemble and tightens into place with just a quarter coin.

Key Organizer KeyMate Image courtesy of Amazon


7. Sleekey Key Organizer

This key organizer by Sleekey is made of carbon fiber and doubles as a phone stand and S-Carabiner. Plus it fits up to 22 keys. The Sleekey comes with a money back guarantee.

Carbon Fiber Key Organizer SleeKey Image courtesy of Amazon

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