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Birds on a Wire: A Bubble Umbrella With an Avian Twist

birds on a wire clear umbrella
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* Modern, clear umbrella with dome shape and curved handle
* Includes “Birds on a Wire” design
* Michelle Obama sported bubble umbrella at inauguration

The winter snow may be giving way to springtime showers, but that doesn’t make rain any less of a pain. This spring, stay fashionable and dry with this quirky bubble umbrella.

This particular umbrella adds to the fun retro-inspired bubble shape with a “Birds on a Wire” design. While no one quite knows when the avian image came into popular culture, black birds sitting on an electrical cord has inspired songs (Leonard Cohen’s “Bird on a Wire”), movies (Bird on a Wire with Mel Gibson and Goldie Hawn) and even a Pixar short titled simply, yes, Birds on a Wire. The design adds an interesting focal point to what is already a common, clear design.

Recently, we’ve seen all types of celebrities sporting 70s-esque bubble umbrellas. Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian were spotted staying dry on the streets of L.A. while Blake Lively rocked hers on the Upper West Side. The Queen of England, is known to own an entire collection. And who could forget the image of Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden sharing one at Donald Trump’s inauguration, while former President George W. Bush fought with his poncho in the background.

There’s good reason for the recent popularity of bubble umbrellas. The dome-like shape is sturdier than a traditional umbrella (less worrying about the wind blowing it away) and provides more coverage to keep you dry. They also tend to be light, and the clear outer layer allows the user to see through the umbrella with his or her head firmly inside the dome, avoiding an accidental stumble into a puddle or worse, another umbrella-toting pedestrian.

This bubble umbrella, in particular, is easy to use. The design features a manual-type opener and a button strap to keep it tidy when closed. There’s also a traditional, curved handle for easy grip.

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